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"The most superb teacher I have truly ever had in my lifetime. Jurian embodies everything she teaches and speaks about – commitment, compassion, knowledge, humor, grace, talent and authenticity."

“I have a renewed connection to myself, to my capacity for joy, and to the beauty of who we are as human beings.”
– Laura

“Her knowledge of the chakras is unmatched.”
– Lisa

“I have never felt so strongly connected to myself and to my spirit in my entire life.”
– Harmony

“I took your class last Friday, and it was so good that I wanted to become a yoga teacher, until I realized I don’t really want to be a yoga teacher. What I do want is your quality of being able to make something so fun and accessible to anyone. Also that quality of welcoming anyone and everyone. That quality of no judgement. It was just great. Thank you.”
– Heidi