I greet you, my feet, my root, all that keeps me solid and steady on the ground, in tune with Mother Earth. I know that I am whole and safe.

I greet you, my belly, my hips, my flowing waters of deep feeling and creativity. Because of you, I know that I can trust my own ebbs and tides. I allow myself to feel.

I greet you, my fires of courage and rejuvenation. Your heat fuels my inner strength. Because of you, I know who I am. I am a force of nature.

I greet you, my heart, my place of abiding love. On your pillow I rest my head. To you I return home, allowing myself the space to breathe and be.

I greet you, my voice, my teller of truths, whisperer of unknown secrets and beautiful blessings. Your vibration connects me to the symphony of life all around me.

I greet you, my radiant light of wisdom. In the darkness, I let you lead the way. I trust your light to guide my every step.

I greet you, crown of my being, gateway to the Divine. Spirit calls me to take refuge in your vast embrace. I am infinite, eternal and whole.

© Jurian Hughes. 2019. All rights reserved.