A Wild Life Sanctuary™

Two girls jumping in celebration

“What is it you plan to do with your one wild and precious life?”

-Mary Oliver

A Wild Life Sanctuary™ is a safe and sacred space in which to “re-wild” yourself; a landscape in which to remember and reclaim the playful, spontaneous and untamed parts of you. These tend to get ignored or pushed aside as we move into adulthood, but without them we can feel uninspired, stuck, and detached from our creative spirit.

A Wild Life Sanctuary™ offers you the rare opportunity to take an unforgettable adventure into yourself. Our retreats are fun, nurturing and powerful; inviting you into a life that is free, honest, expansive and authentic with experiences that leave you feeling whole, healthy and fully alive.

The brainchild of Jurian Hughes and Jovinna Chan, who met in 2006 while serving together as interns and then yoga teacher trainers at Kripalu, one of the world’s largest retreat centers, A Wild Life Sanctuary™ represents their mutual passion to merge the ancient art of yoga with the joy and creativity of theatre and dance. Jovinna (actor, dancer and martial artist) and Jurian (actor, voice and movement teacher) are fascinated by the intersections of the two worlds of mindfulness and performing; both of which promote presence in the moment, breath awareness, embodiment, connection to all parts of the self, and the very important ability to say, “yes!” to what is.

In 2015, after years of leading dozens of programs and teacher trainings together and individually, soul sisters Jovinna and Jurian join forces once again to offer – through their passion for the expressive arts, their love of mindfulness practices, and their natural, unabashed state of playfulness – a fertile ground for the germination of creativity, compassion and courage.

Welcome to A Wild Life Sanctuary™!


August 24-26  Dance Into Joy: A Wild Life Sanctuary™ Dance Jam
August 26-31  The Fun Project: Play, Dance, Voice, Yoga to Rewild Your Life

Photo by Jane Feldman  www.janefeldman.com