Deep and Delicious Chakra Yoga


Jurian takes you on a journey through the body’s seven energy centers. This video includes a 20-minute introduction of each chakra, plus a 50-minute chakra yoga class, appropriate for all levels. Includes Sanskrit names, seed sounds, visualizations, meditation, breathing, affirmations, yoga postures, and relaxation. Throughout this gentle-to-moderate class, Jurian offers modifications to make postures accessible to everyone. The chakras are a powerful lens revealing the connections of body, breath, mind, heart, and spirit. Experience the potency of adding them to your yoga practice.

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Thank you for such a centered practice.  Sometimes I need to be somewhere between meditation and active vinyasa flow. (This) chakra yoga practice is right in that sweet spot.


Beautiful! Serene and healing! I’ve already viewed this video several times, it’s so uplifting! Jurian’s voice and guidance help me to feel clear and calm during the practice and afterward, in my life as well.