I should begin by saying that I have well over 5,000 songs in my iTunes Library. Many I’ve never even heard. One of my favorite things to do on long car trips (ahhh, remember those?) is to set my iPod on shuffle and let it rip. I’ve discovered so many wonderful new tunes that way! (And, yes, I still use an iPod. A Classic iPod. Very retro.)

As a yoga and dance teacher for nearly 15 years, I’ve spent countless hours researching and I hate to think how much money compiling music. It’s a hazard of the profession. Luckily, I love it. But it has been a tremendous commitment. Because I love the creativity it allows me as a teacher, I consider my music a reflection of who I am. My music choices are part of what make my classes particular to me. Just like the sequence I put together, the warm-ups I choose, the language I use, the reading or poem I opt for after culling through pages and pages of texts lining my bookshelves.

I’ve had a great many requests to share my playlists and music resources; too many to respond to. One day perhaps I’ll start a ‘subscriber service’, but until then, I thought I would share a sample here. It’s yours to play with. Do what I did – Find the songs; listen to them all; identify a song or artist you love – and then explore! Plug in just one song title or artist’s name into Spotify or Pandora and you’ll discover a world of new songs and new artists. I’ll warn you, it is like falling down a rabbit hole, but it is a delightful hole to fall into. Enjoy.

(This one is a dance playlist. Next month maybe I’ll do a yoga playlist!)

Ascentia The Rise of Downtempo Dub Sutra
Retrograde Overgrown James Blake
Adir Adirim Balkan Beat Box Balkan Beat Box
Drum Solo Tribal Matrix Taichi Masuda
The Swell Season The Swell Season Glen Hansard & Marketa Irglova
Bala Leela Wade Imre Morisette
Opus 55 Lumiere Dustin O’Halloran
Redeemer Songs of Praise Paul Cardall