Following a Friday noon Let Your Yoga Dance® class at Kripalu recently, I gave a challenge to the people attending: Don’t let it end here. Tomorrow, when you go home, dance. Just for three minutes, dance. I saw nodding heads: ‘Yes, yes. Great idea.’  We know, though, how it goes with good intentions, we humans. So many fall by the wayside.

But not always…A few days later I received this email from one of the students (who gave me permission to share):

“On Saturday…at the airport in Albany I danced at 5:30 a.m. for about ten minutes, while in the long line to get my latte at Starbucks, driven by a wonderful Latin dance playlist.


It was quite a liberating and transformative experience. More than at the personal level, it had a wonderful effect on the rest of the people in line – several talked to me, and the whole atmosphere changed, becoming lighter, with voices, smiles and laughter filling the whole Starbucks space!”

There are many ways to change the world. Sometimes we need to call our congress people, write to the local paper, run for office, take to the streets. Sometimes, we might take to the streets dancing. I promise you, there were people in that Starbucks line who were Republicans, Democrats, lovers of Trump, lovers of Obama, and all the rest. And they all were made lighter by this one woman’s brave, liberating, uniting dance. We need more of what brings us together right now. So, today, I ask you to do something. Dance, just for three minutes. Maybe even in public. If you dare, you just might change the world a little bit.

And if you need more convincing…Dance can improve heart and lung health; increase muscular tone and strength; improve endurance and motor fitness; help manage weight; reduce the risk of osteoporosis; improve coordination, agility and flexibility; aid in balance and spatial awareness; improve overall mental functioning; create greater self-confidence and self-esteem; raise mood; and increase social skills! (source: See Wikipedia and its numerous scientific studies resourced, on dance and health.)

I’m off to Costa Rica this week, where I’ll be leading a Yoga and Dance Retreat, followed by Let Your Yoga Dance® Teacher Training. (I promise I will dance in public at least once!) Join me for my next LYYD training, September 2018 in North Carolina (see below) or just come let your hair down in one of my other workshops later this year. Watch out, you just might find yourself becoming someone who dances in public to change the world.

Hope this example of dancing in public puts a smile on your face…