You’ve heard the acronym K.I.S.S., short for “Keep it Simple, Stupid.” (Not to be too annoyingly yogic, but I might rephrase that with a little more kindness…“Keep It Simple, Sweetheart.”) This is my mantra these days, 24/7. Keep it simple. Don’t over-complicate. Don’t over-do. Don’t over-demand.

As far as I can tell, we’re all exhausted. All of us. Those with kids and those without; those who are working and those who are aren’t; those in cities and those in the country; those on the East and those in the West; those who are young and those who are old. There’s no getting around it, apparently. And the sooner we acknowledge and accept this the better. It doesn’t make us weak or whiny or wimpy. We’re just…done. Perhaps it’s the holidays or Covid or the crises of climate or country. I’m going to guess it’s all of the above. Add to that, whatever challenges are going on in your own personal life, and there’s no getting around this being a challenging time.

At times like this, I find it’s best to keep things simple. Do what’s essential and let go of the rest. You may not have the motivation right now to achieve your highest goals. It’s okay. Not backsliding—given the current state of affairs—is a huge success. It’s okay to do “enough”. For all you perfectionists out there (and we know who we are), this may be difficult to fathom, but you don’t necessarily need to be your absolute best self, right now. You do not need to be your fittest or most successful or most effective or hit your career high or come in first place. Sometimes, just keeping it simple, just doing what is needed and letting go of the rest IS success. And this may be one of those times.

Ignoring the deep exhaustion that appears to be present for so many of us can lead to higher stress levels, greater depletion, depression, long-term health problems, and worse. Acknowledging what is so, accepting it, adjusting expectations, and altering behavior is not giving up. It might be the healthiest, happiest-making, smartest, kindest, most generous thing you’ve done for yourself in a long time. And that healthy choice you make for yourself may be exactly the example that someone around you needs to see.

So, give yourself permission to do a little less today, and keep it simple, sweetheart.