The Universe has a wicked sense of humor sometimes. Much to my surprise, thirty-one months into online teaching, I find myself right back where I started–in my bedroom!

Over a year ago, I transitioned out of my bedroom yoga studio and into a lovely little downtown office space. I painted, redesigned, embellished. I imagined I’d be there quite a while. As recently as last week I thought I’d be signing a lease to continue there. But no. The Universe had other ideas. Due to unforeseen circumstances, I found myself suddenly and quite unexpectedly right back where I started–in my bedroom, rolling up the carpet, carrying the laundry basket out into the dining room, doing my best to keep Smitty quiet and the internet working.

I was beside myself for the first few days. It felt like major deja vu and a big step backwards (read: “wrong direction”). However, I recalled what a great therapist said to me decades ago, when I found myself encountering reoccurring roadblocks or repeating familiar patterns of behavior: “It may feel like you’re going in circles, but in actuality, it’s more like an onion; you’re actually peeling away layers and getting closer and closer to the center!”

Perhaps you, too, can benefit from this image, as you head into the 31st month of life-not-quite-as-you-had-imagined. Or as you anticipate where our country might find itself after next month’s elections. You may find yourself asking, “How did I get here?” My advice…

  • Take comfort in the familiar parts of life that are sweet (like having Smitty nearby as I teach, again).
  • Acknowledge how you’ve grown. (Even if circumstances don’t feel like they have, what have you learned?)
  • Shake things up where you can. (Learn a new skill. Make a new friend. Listen to a new podcast. Find ways to remind yourself, not everything is the same.)
  • Keep a sense of humor. (Laugh at the absurd. There’s plenty of it.)
  • Do not skimp on self care. (It’s hard to have a sense of humor when you’re tired and don’t feel well.)

If you have some oh-too-familiar onion layers to make your way through, I hope you’ll consider letting me be part of your old-and-familiar or your new-and-different. Because you’re not alone. We’re all going through this together.