It’s difficult to imagine things being more in flux than they already are, and yet it seems clear that time is coming. The entire globe is experiencing increasing change. Whether the overriding cause is climate, politics, the pandemic, or some combination of these, it seems inevitable that deep water is ahead. We’re all going to have to learn to be resilient and ride the tide.

Resilience refers to the ability to adapt and recover from difficult or challenging experiences. It’s the mental, emotional and behavioral flexibility required to meet external or internal change. I’d argue, it’s the willingness to undergo spiritual growth. And it suggests that we’re all going to have to fall in love with change.

Ugh. I hate that. I like status quo, predictability, certainty. Maybe you do, too. But what do you love about change that you can embrace and celebrate? I love that it keeps me from sleepwalking through my life. I love that it allows me to continually rediscover and experience my own inner strength. I love that it presents me with the opportunity to keep growing. What are the qualities that come alive in you in the face of change that you love? What’s the source of your resilience?

If we can fall in love with change – even just a little bit – we can face each day with a little more grace, maybe even a breath of enthusiasm. And if we can do that, the future doesn’t look quite so daunting.