As you may know, I Iove to chant. Chanting helped me to develop a whole new relationship with my voice. It introduced me to a new kind of creativity. It gave me another avenue to bliss. I feel completely at home using my voice this way.

What you may not know, is that when it comes to playing the harmonium, I do not experience this same confidence and comfort!

Yesterday evening, I had the rare and wonderful opportunity to lead an evening of chanting for more than 100 Kripalu guests. There were more than a few wrong notes (LOL); as well as a few “off” beats.

At another time in my life, I would have berated myself today with my musical shortcomings. I would have let my imperfections spoil the delight of yesterday evening. Thankfully, yoga teaches me to hold those ego woes lightly and to keep my sense of humor.

I will continue to practice my harmonium and to celebrate the moments when, like last night, I moved “imperfectly onward”. I showed up, I did my best, and I trust that the Divine was happy to hear all our joyous voices, wrong notes and all.

Today, may you find the courage and confidence to move onward, doing the work that is yours to do, imperfections and all.