“Little things mean a lot,” the saying goes. And thank goodness. Hope, healing, relief – these aren’t to be found solely in large things. They don’t require a lavish trip, fantastic news from a doctor, a new love, a new job, a new home. Sometimes, thankfully, hope, healing, relief come in small packages.

A storm door, for instance… For months our storm door was broken. Many more months than I probably realize or care to imagine. This meant that it didn’t close. That’s all. It meant that every time we let Smitty out (or back in), every time we left the house for any reason, we had to stop, fiddle with the handle for a minute, push it up and down, lift the door slightly so the latch would (hopefully) catch, pull a little harder if that didn’t work, pump the handle up and down a few more times, pull the latch out by hand because maybe that was the issue, throw in an exasperated sigh, and … well, you get the picture.

In the greater scheme of things, this was certainly a non-issue and nothing to complain about. It barely registered on my radar. If you’d asked me how my day was, the door would not have come up. And yet, earlier this week, David fixed it. He fixed the storm door. After 20 minutes of rolling around on the floor and testing out various solutions, two quarters and a piece of strong duct tape did the trick.

Thanks to David’s good instincts, a few minutes of persistence, and a little adhesive, every time I let Smitty out (or in), I experience a wave of delight. I smile. Instead of an exasperated sigh, I inhale with glee. My heart expands, I’m emotionally lifted. The door that was broken and is now fixed is a reminder, “Sometimes, Jurian, things DO get better. Sometimes things CAN be fixed.”

So simple. So effective. Hope. Healing. From such a “little thing.” A fixed door. Or perhaps an unexpected smile, a surprise hug, a moment to sit in the sunshine.

A day can be made up of these little bits of hope. We can offer them to our own healing by simply taking them in. And how easily we can offer them to another… with a fixed door, a smile, a hug, an invitation to sit in the sunshine…