I count myself a very lucky woman. Being part of Kripalu for nearly 18 years, spending my life immersed in the kind of transformational work that’s done there, given the opportunity to interact with the caliber of people I meet within its doors, I have countless reasons to feel grateful on a regular basis.

If you’ve seen the places I’ve journeyed to in the last few years (Costa Rica, Iceland, Italy…) you know I have even more reasons to count myself a very fortunate woman. I could add to these blessings, ‘a great partner’, ‘good health’, ‘fabulous friends’ and ‘the best dog ever’. But I think one of the things I’m most grateful for is my sense of gratitude.

I’m not sure when thankfulness became natural. I know it wasn’t always my way. I can’t recall whether my life circumstances improved first or my sense of appreciation. I know for sure that they work in tandem. One supports and feeds the other. In yoga we talk about santosha—the intentional practice of contentment; the ability to see what’s going well at any moment.

When there’s a lot that’s not going well, it’s certainly more challenging to practice this, but the fact is, there’s always something that’s going well. Take yesterday’s eclipse. All of the United States managed to turn its attention away from would-be dictators and the endless tragedies of politics for an entire blessed afternoon!
There are miracles of nature happening every hour, every minute. Miracles of love, of generosity, of humanity, of self-discovery, of taste, of sight, of sound…If we make it a habit to notice them, miraculously, there are more of them. Guaranteed.

I’m delighted, excited and somewhat awe-struck to share my latest gratitude with you…David and I are going to KENYA! This is a dream of a trip, and we would love to have you join us. It may not be happening until March 2026, but this is truly a “trip of a lifetime” and it bears preparing for it. Spots are limited and they’re already filling. If it calls to you, listen to that inner voice, and see what it has to say. It might be saying, “Yes! Thank you!”

Kenya with Jurian & David