I looked everywhere, asking the almighty Internet, ‘Isn’t there a name for this Day-After-Solstice day?’ (It feels like there should be, but if there is, I couldn’t find one.) Regardless, today is a monumental day. It’s the day when the Earth’s axis begins to turn those of us in the Northern Hemisphere back toward the light. Therefore, it’s a Day of Revolution. It’s a day when Earth, Herself, claims hope in the midst of the dark — faith that spring will return, someday, despite all evidence to the contrary. And that’s what’s asked of us now, too.

At first glance, there is much in the world that is bleak. There are multiple wars, political unrest, seemingly no end to the amount of lies and propaganda that can be dispensed and consumed by the masses, and far too many individuals to count who care only for themselves. Still, today, the Earth tilts a little further toward the light than She did yesterday.

Today, we are invited to be where we are — in what may feel like a whole lot of darkness — and to have faith. In that faith we are to take steps — small steps, tiny steps, maybe infinitesimally petite steps — just like the Earth is — toward the light. Toward hope. Toward joy. Toward a vision of the world that we believe in. Toward the knowing that there is still plenty of good in the world to celebrate. Toward the faith that there are others holding this same beautiful vision with us. Why? Because it’s true. And because each small step we take in that direction matters. Even when we can’t see it or feel it. That’s faith. That’s what’s required of each one of us now.

This holiday season, on this Day of Revolution, may we each do our part. May we have the faith to help one another turn just a little further toward the light. To you and yours I wish a safe, peaceful, healthy and deeply soul-nourishing holiday.

Written December 22, 2023