Private Sessions

Enjoy the personal attention, support and care that come from an in-person or virtual one-on-one session with an experienced professional.

One-on-one Yoga, Voice Coaching, Personal Growth / Life Coaching, Mentoring for Teachers, and Movement / Dance sessions are available online or face-to-face, at my home or yours.

Need extra support during a time of change or challenge? Want specific tools to address an injury? Interested in yoga but not ready to strut your stuff in public? Looking to dive into the world of the inner dance? Or wondering how to feel more “at home” in your voice or in your teaching?

Whether you’re 20 or 80, a beginner to this work or already have an established practice, individualized attention can offer the extra support you need. A great gift for you or someone you love.

Sessions are held at my home studio in the beautiful Berkshires of Western Massachusetts, or I’m happy to come to you. Skype, Zoom, Face Time, and phone also available.


One-on-one Yoga

Focus on a particular area of challenge. Receive personalized instruction and hands-on-assists to deepen your experience and increase your learning. Experience what it’s like to have a yoga practice fully tailored to you and your individualized needs.

Voice Coaching

Do you long to feel more connected to your authentic voice? Do you feel there’s more power and authority within you that you have yet to access? Learn vocal tools to cultivate greater ease, resonance, and projection, and discover greater confidence as a speaker, teacher, leader or human.

Personal Growth / Life Coaching

Whether you’re looking for help moving through a difficult period, need support in a time of transition, or you’re not sure how to take the next step, one-on-one coaching can offer change of perspective and the new-found energy you need to move forward.

Mentoring for Teachers

Are you new to teaching yoga or dance? Do you long for greater confidence in this leadership role? Would you benefit from one-on-one mentoring from an experienced professional to help you become the teacher you know yourself to be? Identify what your challenges are and learn tools to address them and move beyond them.

One-on-one Movement / Dance

Do you love dance but feel self-conscious in a class setting? Do you long to find freedom on the dance floor but can’t let go of self-judgment? Experience the joy of connecting intimately to your body and breath as you’re invited to dance in a way that suits your individual needs and releases your inner dancer.

One 60-minute session: $100
One 75-minute session: $125
One 90-minute session: $150
Five 60-min sessions: $450

Since our last one-on-one session, my yoga practice has unfolded like a moving prayer. My body just tells me where I need to go next. This is nothing short of a miracle. Working with you has given me access to listening to myself. You are a gift.

Jurian’s ability to personalize coaching is amazing!  I run a small business, and needed to clarify my purpose. Jurian provided very practical, grounded guidance. She also prompted me to think more about what I enjoy most and how to incorporate that passion into my work. She helped me identify and work through obstacles that hold me back. I highly recommend Jurian as a coach!

Eight months ago I began life coaching with Jurian when I was unemployed and scared to death to show up in my own life. She taught me how to show up in life and accept who I am as a person with compassion and simple exercises she calls “Home Play.” She taught me practices of gratitude and decision-making from within. She was there to hold my heart when it was too heavy for me to carry on my own. And then she gave me tools of courage to look inward and believe in myself and claim my inner joy. And most of all, Jurian encouraged me to celebrate my own victories. Something that was very foreign to me.

Within the past few months, I’ve contracted and taught dance for the first time since my 2014 certification. I’ve gone out and met new people and learned how to set healthy boundaries. And I just landed myself an amazing job!

Jurian is well-known for her excellence and playful, spirited work in the teachings of yoga workshops, retreats, and trainings. I recommend her life coach practice for her compassionate and genuine guidance to anyone and everyone.

Thank you so much for your deep listening and for planting the seeds of happiness, joy, and celebration in our sessions together. My family relationships have been truly transformed as a result of your coaching and input on living life from YES!