If you participated in my free Gentle Kripalu Yoga class on June 9 (see the video, here), you heard me speak of this recipe. You’ll see that it’s actually less a recipe and more a “starting point.” I had a simple list of ingredients on a package when I made this for the first time last week. The proportions are largely left blank so that you, too, may be inspired to play and improvise!

Inspired by The Marketplace, Pittsfield, MA

Quinoa – about 2 cups (uncooked)
Edamame – 1 package, frozen
Baby Kale – several generous handfuls, chopped
Parsley – a large handful, chopped
Olive Oil – to taste
Lemon Juice – to taste
Lemon Zest – to taste
Cumin – to taste
Garlic Powder – to taste
Crushed Red Pepper Flakes – to taste
Salt and Pepper – to taste

makes 6 – 8 servings

Cook the quinoa. Cook and shell the edamame. Massage the baby kale with a little olive oil, lemon and salt. Mix everything together (adding more olive oil and lemon) and chill. This recipe is a great “blank slate” to which you can add any number of things (e.g., feta, toasted pepitas or other seeds or nuts, additional veggies…) Enjoy!