This Spotlight on a Teacher shares a few words from my dear soul sister, co-facilitator, inspired teacher and delightful human, Jovinna Chan. Join us for a New Years Celebration of Release and Renewal as we Dance Into Joy together at 1440 Multiversity in Santa Cruz, CA, Dec 28 – Jan 1…

Questions and Thoughts on a Brand New Day

It is here again: A brand new day.  I woke up.  And I am here.

How incredibly fortunate that I woke up again this morning.  Right in this moment, I can feel my breath, my body, and my mind.  What can I accomplish today?  To what do I dedicate my time today? How do I best use my precious life today?  There is just no time to waste such a precious gift of being alive?  What can be eliminated from the “To Do List” so that there is some space and a chance for spontaneous living?

Nothing is easy when it comes to spiritual pursuit.  The path is filled with all sorts of mischievous dragons, seductive distractions and hard core hindrances.  The question is, Do I want to rise up and engage with the Path?  Is this a worthy battle?  Does this quest intrigue me enough that I will fasten my seat belt, clean my windshield and make a sharp turn onto the dusty road of self-realization and hope one day everything will make sense?  What if there is no tomorrow?  How would I live now?