Suzanne just completed the ten-day Let Your Yoga® Dance Teacher Training in Costa Rica this March. I asked her to share her experience of finding her way to LYYD and what effect the training had on her. She wrote…

“Did you ever find yourself in your kitchen, hungry, but not ravenous, and searching for something to eat that is just what you want? You open the cupboard and begin to piece through the various staples and dry goods and come up with that lovely can of organic mushroom barley soup and it happens to be snowy and windy out and twenty minutes later you find yourself snuggled up with a good book by the fire, belly full and warm? That is the essence of how I found myself seeping in Let Your Yoga Dance. I’ll explain.

I had the pantry full of staples the day I saw the sign at Kripalu for Yoga Dance at 12:00. I was a certified massage therapist. I practiced yoga. I ran. I danced. I practiced meditation with a lovely 12-step Buddhist group in Princeton. I kissed my daughter. I laughed. A lot. But with an hour to kill after a workshop and before Kripalu lunch (shout out to Kripalu food lovliness!!) I walked into the room with a shrug. EH…something to do….

The instructor, Jurian Hughes, met the huge group in the room, with her ginormous smile and an infectious energy. And something akin to these words, “I walked into a Let Your Yoga Dance® class years ago and thought…EH. Something to do. And in seconds I found myself alive and crying.” Oh yeah? Show me. And I began to dance. Damned if I wasn’t crying and exploding with joy minutes into this glorious practice! The soup began to boil.

Flash forward to two years later: Following 200-hour Yoga Teacher Training, Kids Yoga Certification, and Flow Yoga Certification, I traveled to Costa Rica to train in Let Your Yoga Dance® under the very person who helped me find my way in the dance kitchen: Jurian.

I’m now teaching this lovely and inclusive practice in varied dance kitchens this summer into fall. From my home studio in Mansfield, to B1 Yoga in Lambertville, NJ where I live, to outdoor biweekly classes at Rancocas Nature Center, I find myself blessed and honored to dance this sacred and wild practice with others in a giant dance banquet of blessings.

The recipe is this: Mix equal parts of Yoga, Dance, Passion, Self-Expression, Movement, Joy, Sacredness, and Playfulness. Add a measure of compassion, self-love, and community and you MIGHT almost have the full experience of Let Your Yoga Dance®.

The best part is that you only need to add YOU to make it yours. The last best part is that it has always been your soup.”

To find out where you can practice with Suzanne email her at or follow her on Instagram