Over the years, I continue to say yes to opportunities that provide personal and professional healing experiences. So, spending ten days in Costa Rica learning how to teach Let Your Yoga Dance® completely matched my mojo! Being immersed in the practice, the teachings of the chakras, studying the yamas and niyamas and learning to teach with an amazing community was magical.

On a personal level, LYYD was and continues to be influential.  My life, probably like yours, has taken many unexpected twists and turns that were not planned. I often felt that I was not enough, not seen and not deserving.  I experienced trauma and grief that I worked through in therapy. Now, as a therapist myself, I believe in processing and talking through our “stuff”. However, it was not until I experienced Reiki healing and a committed yoga practice, that I realized my body and spirit were in desperate need of healing.  I came to understand how our bodies hold onto all we go through. And when I experienced a LYYD class I was in awe. I danced, I cried, I let go, I laughed, I was seen and connected in a sacred way.

I became a yoga teacher as a result of the profound shifts I experienced in my own practice. Over time, the gifts of yoga began to integrate and I felt a sense of strength and letting go, courage and softness, awareness and surrender, harmony and peace.  It became very clear to me that I wanted to offer that space of exploration for others.  Jurian was one of our guest teachers during my 200 YTT and I was so inspired by her. And because I am a lover of learning, LYYD went on my wish list.

LYYD has been an amazing addition within my business: Tree of Life Centers. As a social worker, reiki energy healer and yoga teacher, I continue to explore unique, healing and transformative modalities to support my clients and students.  Some of the methods include counseling (in person and virtual); reiki energy healing (in person and distant); and empowerment workshops for adolescents and those going through similar life issues. I teach yoga in schools and lead classes in my space in Fairfield, CT. Even if I am not teaching a LYYD class, the essence of the practice is always present.

I feel honored to share LYYD and LYYD for Kids and Teens in this world.  I am honored to offer a place where people can show up exactly as they are. There is no need to fix or change, only to come as you are….with the messy, anxious, uncomfortable or sad and the lightness, joy and laughter. I provide an experience for my students where they feel seen, witnessed and held. This practice truly is sacred.

Jurian’s knowledge, leadership and compassion created a transformative space. Her dedication to bringing LYYD to others is clear and she does this with such grace. I feel so supported as I continue on my path as a student and teacher.

Here’s the truth: our world is in desperate need. I know the power of LYYD and I want to spread the joy!

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With Love and Gratitude,