It’s almost July 4th, and I know we’re all more than a little worn out. We’re disillusioned, exasperated, tired of the unending stream of horrific policies and indecencies that we’ve seen coming out of the White House in the last 18 months. And yet we cannot get complacent. Yogi friends say, “no more politics for me”. But how can doing nothing in the face of cruelty be ahimsa? Ahimsa is THE foundational practice of yoga. It’s the foundational principle of ALL the world’s spiritual practices, essentially. It means non-violence, compassion. Compassion literally means “with passion”. It does not mean “with passivity.” Passion asks intensity, devotion, dedication. We cannot turn a blind eye to actions that slash basic human rights, that destroy the planet, that keep the disenfranchised powerless. It is imperative that Democrats be clear what they stand FOR – not just what they stand against. Please, please, please write or call your representatives in the senate and in congress and ask them to speak clearly, loudly, proudly and repeatedly to what they stand FOR: humane immigration policy, reasonable gun legislation, health care for all, support of green energy, tax laws that support a healthy middle class, women’s reproductive rights, Social Security and Medicare. It takes two minutes. and put in your address and state. It will take you to your local representatives. Click on their picture, and it will take you to a ‘Contact’ link. Please. Do something.