Yesterday I helped graduate six new 500-hr Kripalu teachers. As I looked down the hallway outside the Sunset Room and heard the excited whispers of anticipation, saw the last-minute hugs of congratulation, the expressions of shared affection and experience, I thought about this photo, taken in the very same hallway on my own Kripalu Yoga 500-hr graduation day, 15-some years ago.

I love this photo. I’m moved by the soft, open-eyed wonder I see in my own eyes. I’m moved by what I didn’t know then and by what has transpired. I had no idea, then, that I would become a yoga teacher trainer, myself. I couldn’t comprehend the ways in which the teachings of yoga would infuse every aspect of my life. I didn’t understand how changed I would be because I spend my days in this world of yoga and dance and music, doing my best to celebrate the beauty of Life.

I didn’t know then how incredibly lucky I would continue to be. Thank you to the Universe for putting me where She did. And thank you for being part of my journey, as I’ve, perhaps, been part of yours.