I’ve had the great fortune to lead many yoga retreats, to various locations, each having its own flavor and charm; some close to home, others in far away, exotic lands. If you’ve always dreamed of going on a yoga retreat or just wondered what they’re like, here are a few things that I often get asked…

Q: Who goes on a yoga retreat?

A: Lots of different kinds of people! Old, young, men, women, straight, gay, retired, seniors, students, beginner-level yogis as well as experienced yoga teachers, married people, single people, people traveling solo, others traveling with a friend or partner, people who love yoga, people who have been dragged along by a partner and aren’t so keen on it, very fit and active folks, as well as those who are exhausted and are largely looking to relax and unwind. One common denominator that I’ve found – and maybe this is my secret superpower – the people who come on retreat with me tend to be really decent, warm, caring, down-to-earth and friendly people.

Q: What do you do on a yoga retreat?

A: Yoga, for sure, but not as much as you might think! Each retreat is different. Some locations highlight spacious days, relaxation, options for massage or booking your own excursions each day. Other retreats are more structured, with planned group excursions included. All of my retreats offer at least one yoga practice a day, usually in the morning. Many offer more. There’s often dance, chanting, deep relaxation or restorative yoga, as well as  additional teachings or workshops that expand on a theme for the week. There are always opportunities to meet others and make new friends, as well as space for individual quiet time and rest.

Q: How is it different from going on vacation?

A: Personally, I think a yoga retreat is the best way to vacation. It’s perfect for solo travelers who want to take an adventure abroad, as it instantly provides you with a welcoming community of like-minded souls. You have people to taxi to and from the airport with, to share meals and a week of amazing experiences with. In addition to the rest and rejuvenation you’d hope to find on a week of vacation, a good yoga retreat provides a sense of purpose, a through-line, ‘food for thought’. There’s always an educational component. The yoga retreat leader is there to guide you, to help you really take in your adventures, and to support you in finding meaning in your journey. A good yoga retreat will leave you feeling deeply nourished on multiple levels.

Leading yoga retreats is definitely one of the highlights of my life. Check out my EVENTS page to see what exotic destinations I have coming up, and reach out to me or to my amazing retreat organizer, Laura Forsyth of One Yoga Global, if you have any questions at all. We love yoga retreats, and we think you will, too.