What is Yoga of Voice?

Yoga of Voice is profound, powerful and playful! It combines teachings from yoga and vocal techniques from theatre to help produce freer and fuller communication and self-expression. Yoga of Voice utilizes the philosophy and principles of yoga, as well as yogic practices of chanting, pranayama and asana with philosophy, principles and practices from the world of theatre. The result is a body of exercises and experiences that will leave you feeling empowered, liberated, confident and clear.

Will you teach me to sing?

We will sing, but this work is not intended to teach you to sing. You may find that this work leaves you feeling more confident about singing, or that you have a better understanding of how to sing in a way that feels easy and natural, but I’m not a vocal singing coach. I coach and mentor people to use their voice more fully as a teacher, speaker, presenter, leader and human being.

I’m not a yogi. Is Yoga of Voice for me?

Yes. You don’t need to have any experience with yoga to do these practices. They don’t require you to be flexible or physically strong. I always offer modifications and options. Yoga postures are only one piece of this work. Yoga means “union.” Yoga postures and breathing techniques are used to create alignment — an experience of all parts of the self coming together. In theatre we might call this “being present.” If you have an open mind, you can do Yoga of Voice.

Everyone should have the right to speak their truth. Unfortunately, many of us learn in childhood, adolescence or somewhere else along the way that speaking the truth is dangerous, selfish, unwanted or makes others uncomfortable. The Yoga of Voice provides an opportunity to reclaim your authentic voice, which is your birthright. Yoga of Voice focuses on the physical voice – cultivating more ease of projection, a larger range, clarity of speech, greater resonance – so that you can have a fuller experience of your own ability to communicate and express yourself in all areas of your life. Working with the voice can lead to more confidence, emotional freedom, and greater creative expression.

Yoga of Voice is for everyone — yogis and non-yogis, introverts and extroverts, those who love their voice and those who long to love it.

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